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"Here at Flores Builders, we inspire our staff to become the better version of themselves which results to delivery of exceptional projects. We are so privileged to be part in fulfilling our client's dream homes."

"We practice the value of maximum efficiency and effectiveness of purchase without compromise or shortcuts. We work towards the goal of customer satisfaction with integrity and accountability."

"Flores Builders' foundation was built through excellence and integrity. These are the  core values that we adhere to for us to deliver exceptional projects and provide satisfaction to our clients."



Flores Builders Construction and Development, Inc. has been established as a construction company in the Philippines. With the small projects that it made back in 2009, the company gained the trust and confidence of its clients and started getting more intricate projects for both residential and office units.  The company, even during its humble beginnings, has already set a culture of excellence in terms of work and craftsmanship. We, at Flores Builders, ensure that every project is done with excellence and utmost consideration to details and over all look of each project.  Flores Builders Construction and Development Inc., has partnered with Architects, Engineers and Designers who are also one of the industry’s best.

Flores Builders Construction and Development, Inc. is accredited by the Philippine Contractor’s Accreditation Board and an accredited finishing contractor by most companies.

It is a Category A Contractor and an accredited contractor for Rockwell Land Inc. 

The Team
Vision Mission


To provide superior construction and design services that will exceed the expectations of our clients.


To build long term relationships with our clients by delivering exceptional design and build projects.


We believe in treating our clients with respect We grow, together with our employees, through dedication, commitment and excellence.

"We always want our people to be focused and diligent about their work, and to keep them motivated to achieve their best for the common goal of the company."

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